To the Future

22 Aug

To all you future 110ers:

Anne’s class is one of my favorite classes that I have ever taken.  This is coming from a guy who usually does not like English classes.  But this class could easily turn into your worst nightmare, so here’s a few tips on how to make the most out of 110.

  • Go to class!- Seriously.  You might think this class is one you can blow off sometimes, but it really helps for you to go to class.  The blog presentations turn into really engrossing discussions that I enjoyed a lot.  Knowing what to do on assignments is another BIG reason to make sure you go.  Don’t be the person who sits there not knowing what to do while everyone else is busy working.
  • Participate-  Kinda goes along with my point of go to class.  If you take part in the debates and discussions, you will have fun while engaging your brain!
  • Don’t procrastinate-  You’ve heard it all before, I know.  This one goes double for this class.  With papers that span half the quarter, there is NO reason you shouldnt be able to complete things on time.  And if you do procrastinate, be prepared to absolutely hate the class.
  • Pick something you like-  With the ARP and the MGP, please pick something you like or you enjoy reading about.  Seriously.  It makes life easier for you because you actually WANT to write the papers, and it makes them more interesting to read or listen to because you are more enthusiastic about it.

That’s about it for my tips.  Just follow directions and keep these tips in mind, and you will do great.  Oh an as one last thing- go to office hours for Anne whenever you feel like it.  I did and found myself talking for longer than I intended to with her.  She really takes an interest in what you are doing if you show interest in it yourself.


For the future English 110 Students

20 Aug

Well, the class is over and I do feel the time fly fast! I have a great experience in English 110 this summer. The teacher is great and I also make many friends in class, and I have learnt a lot from class. The class is so interesting and colorful, especially the MGP parts. We used different genres to express our topics and the presentations in final two classes were amazing. And I do want to say to the future students that you guys can try to enjoy the class. You can treat the class as a good opportunity to relax your brain, to make friends, to practice your English abilities and to enjoy the brainstorm, but not just treat it as a need for your major. And I think to get a good credit in the class, you should choose good topic for your research which you are really interested in and you also need to finish the homework on time and completely. In a word, enjoy your class!

Blog post #9

20 Aug

Dear future Eng110 students,

Everyone says this class is easy, it is true. No midterm, no final. Very cool. And in class, class environment is real relaxed, it doesn’t like any specialization class which is very stressful, you must pay full attention to every word the instructor said in the class.

But if you want to get A, you must make good effort. Remember :attend every class and turn in your homeworks on time. There are a lot of works to do, and you must remember their deadline clearly. I almost forgot to write one of blog posts. So, don’t wait to last minute to do your assignment, manage your time efficiently.

As an international student, I would like to give some special suggestions to other international students who will take this class in the future. First, you may need to spend double or triple time than native speaker on writing. If you take this class, you’d better not take other classes which require to write papers. I give you this suggestion from my personal experience. Because three of four classes I am taking in summer quarter require to write papers, and also, English is not my first language, so in the first month of this quarter, it drove me crazy. Second, don’t need to be nervous about writing, the most important thing about writing a paper is to choose a good topic which will save you a lot of time. If you choose a good topic, it is easy to find resources. Searching resources will take you a lot of time, so you must choose resources that you are familiar with.

Lastly, I would like to tell all future Eng110 students, taking Anne’s class is a good choose, she is very professional and nice. You would find her advices are very helpful to improve your writing and grantee you to be successful in this class Trust me!

A letter.

20 Aug

Dear lovely 110ers,

At first, I would like to say thank you to Anne for giving me this chance to share my exciting experience during this summer with English 110. I have to say, as an International student, I was really afraid of taking this class, I put off my schedule for two quarters. However, Anne made this class really easy for me. I didn`t know anything about rhetoric writing at the first place, my second draft was really a mass. But during the conference time, Anne helped me a lot. So, Do use the conference time completely, ask whatever you don`t understand, be straightforward and don`t be afraid at all. Show your problems and people can help you with it. As a result, My ARP ends up with an A, which made me laugh out in Thompson. ^^ as I said before, really Do speak out your questions, in the second half of your class, you will meet the MGP, talk with your group mates, share your ideas and ask for comments.

In a word, it will be a happy A if you work hard. Enjoy!

Post #9

20 Aug

There is a good possibility of getting an A in this class if the student works hard.  I think the most important factor is the ability of the student to organize his or her studying time.  The student must ensure that they do not fall behind.  Falling behind can become like a snow ball, the further it rolls along the bigger and bigger it gets.  My other advice is to participate in the classroom discussions.  Don’t be afraid to express yourself even if your opinion differs from others.  The university experience is a process of learning.  There is no one person who is always right or always wrong, and often there are no right or wrong answers, but only various opinions.  However, if a mistake is made, the trick is to learn a lesson from it.  Yet more advice is to accentuate your strongest characteristics.  Plato said that one man cannot practice many arts with success.  So, if a student has great writing skills the Analytical Research Project is their time of glory.  If a student is creative, then that person is going to have great success with the Multi-Genre Project.  If a student has superior rhetorical skills and is very social, they might have a good time during classroom discussions.  And, if a student thinks that they don’t have any of these skills don’t worry, the skills are present and they just have to join in this class to discover them!


20 Aug

Currently, my favorite television show is the medical drama House.  Each episode has a medical mystery that must be solved by the brilliant diagnostician, Doctor Gregory House.  In an episode last week an old doctor was admitted to the hospital.  He was dying and no one could figure out the cause.  The old doctor was so exhausted and tired of being sick that he decided to sign the DNR (do not resuscitate) form.  He was ready to die.  House eventually discovered the problem, but unfortunately there was nothing that could be done to save the patient.  Furthermore, the patient was going to die a slow and horrible death.  His lungs were going to fill up with liquid and he was going to drown in his own fluids.  The old doctor asked House to ease his suffering by helping him to die.  After considerable debate, one of the doctors on Houses’ team gave the patient an ejection that stopped his heart.  The issue of this episode is, of course, the ethics behind euthanasia.  Is it more ethical to end the life of a terminally ill patient who is suffering, or let the patient die an inevitable, lingering, and horrible death?  It is a more difficult topic than it seems.  I am not sure how I feeling about it.  A doctor’s first oath is to do no harm, but is there truly harm in this situation?  As a society, we ‘put down’ our seriously ill animals, saying that it is unethical to let animals suffer.  Should we be less humane to our own kind?  I wonder what other people think about this issue.


Final Blog Post

20 Aug

Dear Future 110 Student,

There are a few main things to know if you want to do well in this class.  The first one is just to be there.  The discussions that we had in class were all very helpful and will make it easier to write your paper.  It is also important to do the readings.  Then you can contribute in class and get your participation points.  It is also very important to pay attention to due dates.  Make sure you give yourself enough time so you aren’t rushing to get something done the day that it’s due.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have them.  Anne is more than willing to help you with whatever you need, she wants you to do well in the class.  My last piece of advice is make sure you remember to do the blogs.  They are such an easy way to get points and raise your grade.  Hope this is helpful, enjoy the class!

Blog#9:Write something you really like!

20 Aug

I think maybe most students will feel a little stressful befor they take the English 110. For me, I am very afraid of writing, especially a long research paper.When I just heard our course topic, I really have no idea of it. It is hard to think of a topic that are both attractive and can have a lot of things to write. Because of that I cannot think of so many things to write, my first paper was really a big failure. At this time, talking to the teacher is always the best way to solve these problems. After talking to the teacher, I find there are a lot of things associated with our topic and we should never stay in one topic if that is not what you like. Brainstorming is the first step to a good paper and creativity is also important.

In class, the most important thing is to ask. If you have anything that is not very clear, ask the teacher immediately. This class is more interesting than I thought since all the classmates are very creative and the teacher always like to let us say our ideas.

To succeed in this class is not that hard if you always say and think!

It goes by fast!

20 Aug

First, I would just like to say that it feels good to finally have my first year writing course out of the way. I just couldn’t bring myself to take an English class, which I despise adamantly.  But, it turned out to be a fun summer class.

If you are just starting the class let me say that you should consider yourself lucky that you have Anne for a professor. She is always available. Make sure you use her as a resource because she is more than willing to help. English 110 is different from most other classes you will take at OSU as it does not have any exams. Therefore, you do not need to spend time studying like you would for other classes. But, you do have a decent amount of writing to do outside of class that makes up for it. Don’t set this class aside because you don’t need to study. Instead pace yourself with the writings that are due. Do a little writing today, save a little for tomorrow. This class has a lot of deadlines, more than any class I’ve taken so get some kind of calendar and write the due dates so that you know when things need to be submitted.

Put a little work in be responsible with deadlines and you will not only survive English 110.01 you will have fun, too.

It may help to…

19 Aug

Congratulations to all for being done with the course and the approach of the Summer quarter end in general. I hope every one achieved the desired goal.

For future “110ers”, I would like to give them, after welcoming them, a piece of advice. It is obvious that you’d better choose a topic that you love to explore and dig into for you first project, the ARP. However, if there is a slight chance you are continuing to use the same topic in the MGP, you have to love your topic. That may be obvious. However, the not-so-obvious thing is that your topic needs to be interesting to not only you but also the audience you are going to present it to, your classmates.

Another advice I wish I had been given is to put early personal deadlines.This can help put on you continiius moderate pressure, which is much more convinient than the tremendous pressure you feel when the actual deadline approaches suddenly.

Also, I think you should and you can make this course as fun as it is useful.

Welcome again, and enjoy.